3 Tips to Attracting Higher Paying Coaching Clients

by Yvonne Bynoe on August 22, 2014

At lot of coaches ask me about where to find high-paying clients.  The truth is that they’re everywhere.  They aren’t “wealthy” people sipping martinis at the country club. You can find high-paying clients at Starbucks, at your local gym or online. High-paying clients are average people who are sick and tired. Unlike most people they’ve made the decision to get expert help to finally achieve the goal that they desire.
For people who are ready to work privately with a coach, time is more valuable than money.
This is important for you to know as you price your programs and services to attract higher paying clients. It doesn’t matter whether your area of expertise is health and wellness; relationships or finance; by the time your prospective client comes to you she’s either in crisis or very close to it. This mean that she’s willing to pay to solve the problem and start seeing results ASAP not in 6 months.  This is why high-paying clients love 1 day Intensives and VIP days— they receive BIG shifts quickly.
However you can’t just raise your prices, say that you’re a high-end coach and expect to automatically attract the people who will pay your higher prices or tell their friends why they MUST work with you. You don’t need fancy branding, but you do need to design and deliver, results-oriented programs that helps your clients to rapidly achieve a breakthrough. The best way to understand the power of a 1-day intensive and see how much momentum you can gain is to experience one for yourself.I invite you to book a complimentary 30 minute Platinum Discovery Session with me to learn more about my Rich Business+ Fabulous Life Intensive and how it can help you to uplevel your business http://www.soulfulaffluence.com/discoverysession


I’m going to help you get started by giving you:

“3 Tips to Attracting Committed, Higher Paying Clients”

1. Stop offering single sessions: 

Highly committed people who are ready to hire a coach to solve a pressing problem will be turned off by single sessions.   One of the biggest drawbacks is that the coaching is open-ended; your prospective client has no idea when their problem will be solved. 

Instead offer programs that provide specific outcomes within specific time periods. This means having 1-3 programs that provide different levels of “your solution” at different price points.  People are then able to make an informed decision about how much time and money they’re ready to invest in solving their problem. In my Rich Business + Fabulous Life 1Day Intensives, I teach my clients how to take their current expertise and create client attractive program that provide real results at a variety of prices.

2.   Be intentional about  what you include in your programs

People are busy and offering “more coaching” isn’t an incentive for prospective clients to enroll in your programs. What also is a turn off for highly committed clients is a lot of ebooks or audio recordings that they are expected to wade through. (BTW, often coaches load up their programs to justify to themselves, raising their fees).

Instead of offering “weekly coaching calls”  or “3 one hour sessions a month,” explain in your marketing how your coaching sessions (regardless of the length or number) help your clients to achieve their ultimate goal—what will you be doing with them?   Also only offer supplemental materials or services that help your clients to achieve their goals quicker and with ease—-so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  For instance, I give my private coaching clients templates and scripts to save them time and to make thing easier. These small things allow them to get their desired results quicker. I also review their marketing material so that they feel more confident about what they’re sending out to prospective clients.

3.  Make Yourself Available To Clients

One of the reasons why there will always be people who will pay more for private coaching is that they want personal attention—that’s access to their coach.  They may have even been in group programs where they never had the opportunity to speak to the coach directly or only could do it if they were willing to share their issues with the entire group.  For you, this means that should make provisions to be accessible to your private clients in between their scheduled coaching sessions.

Instead of exposing yourself to endless calls and emails, you can institute weekly “office hours” that you clients can use to get laser coaching or a have quick question answered.  Another option is to provide private clients with a direct email address, guaranteeing that you’ll response to their question within 24-36 hours. My private coaching clients receive unlimited email access to me and typically I respond to them within 24 hours (during the week only). Also some of private clients receive a set number of monthly “emergency” calls.  To date, no one has abused these services.

Last but definitely not least.  You have to be that type of client that you seek. 

You can’t expect people to invest in your program beyond the level that you’ve invested in yourself. If the most that you’ve ever invested in coaching is $500, you can’t turn around and expect people to pay your $1,500.  One of the biggest mistakes that I see is coaches who what to offer “high-end” coaching but have yet to invest in a high-level coach themselves.  
This is similar to saying that you want to open an upscale clothing boutique but you’ve never worked or even shopped in one; there’s a credibility gap. You simply don’t have enough knowledge or experience to attract and serve that type of client.  Part of what people are paying ANY coach for is her “expertise.” So if you want to attract higher paying clients, you need to have the experience of working with a coach with that type of experience.

So What’s Your Next Step?

If you’re ready to receive high-level support to create transformational and lucrative coaching programs, my Rich Business + Fabulous Life 1 Day Intensives may for you.  This intensive is invite-only because it’s important that you and I are a good fit. To test the waters you can schedule a complimentary 30 minute Platinum Business Discovery session with me. Go to:  http://www.soulfulaffluence.com/discoverysession

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I look forward to talking with you and exploring how I can assist you.



Love, abundance and success!


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As a business and success coach, I know that one of the things that turns many women off are the “success stories.” When we hear that someone dramatically increased her income, or overhauled her business, most women will find a 1000 reasons why whatever the person did “won’t work for me.” It’s the economy….my day job….my kids….the list goes on and on.

What really stops us however is FEAR.

I know because several years ago, I was one of those people. I was an attorney-turned-business coach who was struggling in my business. For a long time, I resisted getting help. Some of it was pride…I had been successful and felt stupid that my coaching business hadn’t taken off—it looked like everyone around me had a 6 figure business. I was afraid to admit to admit that for once, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Also, I was afraid to spend money on a coach, because my bank account was rapidly dwindling and I needed to be able to pay my bills. My fears kept me paralyzed. So, it was easier for me to say, “That won’t work for me” than it was to push past my fears and get the support that I needed.

What changed for me?
As an attorney, author and speaker, I realized that I had a LOT of specialized expertise but I wasn’t an expert on how to create and build a successful business. After a year of struggle I decided that I had had enough. I was tapping into my savings to pay my bills and it wasn’t sustainable. I was at the crossroads. I had to either make my coaching business work (FAST) or get a J-O-B and be left to figure out all of the childcare stuff that came with being a divorced mother.

So believe, wherever you are…I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to work your tail off, and not have enough clients, or money at the end of the month. To see everyone else’s success stories, you get a little jealous and start to wondering what’s you’re doing wrong.
The big revelation for me was that deep down I knew that I was supposed to be doing more. I was supposed to be out there in the world making a contribution and enjoying my life, but I was fearful that it wouldn’t happen for me.

Having been in a coaching business where I struggled to get clients to pay me a low-hourly rate to now consistently enrolling great, high-end clients, I want to share exactly what had to change so that you can step into the life and business that life you desire.
This is the life where you’re not constantly worrying about money and “Where’s my next client coming from?” and you can use that time and energy enjoying your family, friends, or taking care of yourself.


Here’s The 3 BIG Mistakes That Kept Me Broke (what NOT to do in our business):

1. Not knowing who your Ideal Client and how your program helps them (this needs to be really specific)

It’s critical that you know who your ideal client is. This is the foundation of your business and your coaching programs. I see too many coaches who can’t really tell you what they do or what results they help their clients to achieve. I’ve been there and done that, so I know where you’re at. HOWEVER, if you don’t know exactly what your program is about– who it’s for and how it’s going to transform their lives…you won’t be able to enroll people in it. And if you can’t enroll people into your program, you can’t make money and you soon you’ll be out of business.

2. Not having the Business and Marketing Structures you need (this doesn’t have to be super complicated, technical or boring)

Once you’ve nailed your ideal client and how your program benefits them, it’s time to spread the word. Your ideal clients need to know that you exist and are available to help them. The Internet has provided a great way for you to reach potential clients, but you have to be able to be seen by the “your people.” This means having the business and marketing structures that will help you to highlight your knowledge and personality, so that you can distinguish yourself from the other coaches and solo-entrepreneurs in your field. Plus, having these structures in place give you a big advantage because you look more professional, which allows you to charge higher rates for your valuable programs.

3. Not having the Guidance and Support to pull it all together (this positions you for success and makes your business profitable…quickly)

Many people know the importance of 1 and 2, but still decide to go it alone. You must have guidance and support from an expert who’s already figured out what works and what doesn’t. As I said earlier, my coaching was on life support because I lacked this important step. I spent about a year trying to get clear on who I was working with and what I had to offer. I would change my offers frequently, but I still wasn’t enrolling clients. I had never worked with a coach or mentor but I realized that what I was doing clearly wasn’t working. I made the work with someone who had the business and marketing expertise that I lacked.

I have to admit it was intimidating–talking to a stranger about why my business was failing. I also didn’t have the investment just lying around. I paid my first business coach on a credit card, praying the it went through. Here’s the thing, I don’t know a single successful woman who hasn’t taken a calculated risk. More important, I made my investment back within a 60 days. That decision gave me the information and confidence to create a lucrative, freedom-based business, Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be writing this post, had I not made the decision to get guidance and support.

What happens once you get these three steps handled? The results you can create are unlimited.

Here’s what some of my clients are able to achieve in a VERY short time, and so can you!

  • Gain clarity on how you can use your expertise, talents and training to build a profitable business (no more flip-flopping on what you’re selling and why!)
  • Feel confident knowing exactly who your ideal clients are, where to find them (online and offline) and how to powerfully connect with them.
  • Having potential clients reach out to you to book discovery sessions (which means potential return on investment ASAP)
  • Having an effective enrollment process that feels good to you (not sales-y or pushy) so that you feel confident and are able to enroll more people into your program.
  • Realizing you’re already an expert and creating signature offerings with premium pricing you’re excited to sell

This there are many other things I could add to this list. My burning desire as a coach is to get you unstuck and making money doing the work that you love. It all starts with you. I’m here to support your goals of creating a lucrative business, transforming lives, but you’ve to take the first step.

Love, abundance and success!

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