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As women we’re trained to get along, not to ruffle feathers, don’t be combative and of course, don’t be a bitch.   This mindset is a big disadvantage to women business owners.  Authenticity or expressing your uniqueness is a critical factor in standing out in your field and creating a profitable business,

So many of the issues that women business owners struggle with: fear of visibility, feeling like an imposter and being a copy-cat stem from them not trusting their own feelings and instincts.

In this video, I share my thoughts on why stepping into your personal power is really about gaining confidence so that you can create a meaningful and profitable business  that reflects what’s important to you.

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womanwithcoffeeAs a business coach I’m passionate about helping women coaches, entrepreneur service providers and biz owners to SUCCEED in their businesses. That means booking plenty of awesome clients and having a healthy bank account.

However many women, who have the best intentions, aren’t able to grow profitable businesses. This doesn’t mean that they can’t create 6 figure businesses. It does means that they can’t consistently book clients and earn enough money to keep their doors open. Many of these women have a great deal of expertise but they’re lacking a key element.

In this video I discuss what’s the #1 thing that women need to succeed (on their own terms) as coaches and entrepreneurs.

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