Too often when I will talk to an entrepreneur who doesn’t have enough clients, she reveals that she doesn’t know enough about the type of person she wants  to work with. Knowing your clients is essential to you being able to create effective marketing content that brings them into your community AND to you being able to create products and offers that your “right people” will readily buy.
If you’re saying things like:
I don’t know where to find my ideal clients 
I don’t know where they hang out 
I’m having a hard time attracting clients
These statements are sure signs that you need to do some deeper work to “profile” your ideal client.  Profiling is nothing more than learning everything
that you can about the life, concerns and interests of type of person that you want to serve in your business.
5 Profiling Questions To Get More Clients:
1.  What is the urgent problem that your ideal client is trying to solve?
2.  Why haven’t they been able to solve this problem on their own?
3.  Why is it important that your ideal client solve this problem?
4.  Where are they currently looking for solutions to this problem?
5.  What is the age and gender and lifestyle of your ideal client?
Once you have a clear idea of your ideal client you can then begin to target the type of places off and online (blogs, forums, conferences stores, restaurants, cultural activities, gyms, salons, etc)  and organizations where you’d be able to find them. You’ll also be able to write compelling sales copy that sounds like you’ve been reading their minds.  The more that you can show that you understand your ideal client, the more credible you appear and the more likely clients will begin to “show up.”

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Does it take you several hours or several days to write ONE article for your ezine? I’m fairly certain that if you’re agonizing over how to write an article for your newsletter or blog, you’re not doing it, or you’re not doing it very often. Here’s the thing: Not writing articles more quickly and more frequently is hurting your business.

In order for your audience to get comfortable enough to spend money with you, they first need to get to know you. They get to know you through your ezine or blog articles. If you’re only reaching out to your mailing list sporadically, or your ezine or blog articles aren’t building trust and confidence in your expertise, you’re not doing yourself or your audience any good. Honestly, you don’t have to be a professional writer to quickly write informative articles that help your people to “know, like, and trust you.”

That’s why I’m sharing my simple formula for creating great newsletter articles in 30 minutes or less!

Soulful Affluence’s Pain-Free 30-Minute Article Template

Paragraph #1: The Big Idea (What’s the Problem?)

Open your article with a question or statement that resonates with your readers. Something that grabs their attention and gets them interested in your topic.

Paragraph #2: Why It’s A Problem

Use plain language to explain to your readers why the problem is a problem. Skip the jargon and the three-syllable words and instead use simple words that ALL of your readers can understand. (The rule of thumb is that a 3rd grader should be able to comprehend your article.)

Paragraph #3: What Happens If The Problem Isn’t Solved?

After you’ve explained to your readers why the problem is a problem, then you’ll share what can happen to them if they don’t solve this problem.

Introducing the Solution: What To Do Now

By this point in your article, your readers know what the problem is, why it’s a problem, and what happens if they don’t solve it. Now they’re thinking, “Okay, so how do I solve this problem now? What do I have to do? Use a simple transition sentence or two here to let your readers now that you’re about to answer their question and show them what to do. Here’s an example…

Here are 3 simple tips to help you ________________” (solve the problem)

Solution Bullets:

Insert 3-5 bullets with simple tips. Why 3-5 tips? Because people begin to feel overwhelmed when they get too much information at once. If they feel overwhelmed then they don’t take action.

Wrap-Up Paragraph/Call To Action

Use your Wrap-Up paragraph to ask your readers to take an action. Maybe you ask your readers to post a comment on your blog or on your Facebook page. Perhaps you ask your readers to share any questions or challenges they have about the topic that you discussed. Or, you could invite them to your website where you have a client success story that’s related to the article’s topic. The Call To Action could also be where you ask readers to register for a free tele-class, download a new report or take a survey.

The Wrap-Up paragraph is where you can invite your readers to be in conversation with you. What that means for you is having readers who want to talk more with you, and potentially become your client.

Here’s an example of a Wrap-Up/Call To Action paragraph… “Do you have a ___________? (tip, resource, solution, idea, opinion, recommendation etc.) Post it in the Comments below!” That’s it! Now you’ve completed your 30-minute (or less) article.

Bonus Tips To Make Your Article Writing Even Easier

Keep each paragraph to only 2-3 sentences in length. Many of us write “War and Peace” length articles to prove to people – and ourselves – that we’re legitimate professionals. However….Shorter is better! It’s easier for your readers to read, and easier for them to USE the valuable information you’re sharing.

Shorter articles are also easier for you to write! Remember that what’s easy for you is NOT easy for your readers. Tips that seem common sense to you are monumental AHAs for your readers! Even if you’re new to business, don’t assume that your readers know anywhere NEAR what you know about your business. Basic information will always be useful. Don’t be afraid of “giving away the store” in your articles.

Remember Bonus Tip #2 above…if you keep the tips in your articles simple, then you’ll be able to write hundreds of articles before you come anywhere close to sharing every single thing that you know. To become a valued resource, you’ve got to share juicy tips and information in your articles. Your tips remind your readers with every new article that you’re the real deal, that you know what you’re talking about, and that it’s highly likely you can help them solve their problem or reach their goal. Let me know….did this article help YOU solve the problem of forever-and-a-day article writing sessions?

Please share your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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