How Your Money Beliefs Are Sabotaging Your Business

by Yvonne Bynoe on February 28, 2015

Women’s beliefs (fears) about money are one of the biggest reaches why they have a difficult time growing their coaching business.  Most women have a love-hate relationship with money—they love having it but hate everything else about it, including asking for it.  However in a business, money is part of the agreed upon exchange, so you can’t avoid it and expect to enroll clients and keep your doors open.

Even if your prices are rock bottom, you’re still part of the commercial, “pay money-for-my expertise” process—you’re simply not putting much value on what you’re offering

I recently read a Facebook post from a woman complaining about coaches boasting about their earnings. She felt it was crass and offensive. Another woman chimed in and said that after all “money didn’t matter.” The Hell it doesn’t !  Money dictates the type of life that you lead–the food that you consume (organic vs. chemically treated)—the quality of your healthcare—the neighborhood that you live in and the type of education and opportunities that you can give your child. Money provides you with options and choices.
If making money really doesn’t matter to you then it’s likely that you won’t earn much; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy

Many of the women who make the “money doesn’t matter” statement tend to label themselves as “spiritual,” which seems contradictory. 

If money is energy that comes from Source/God/Universe that circulates from person to person, then why get hung up on what someone else is earning?  If money is energy from Source/God?Universe, every woman can receive her desired income.  She just has to believe that there is an unlimited supply (of money/energy) and that she receives her share by stepping out in  faith and being of service to more people.

As a coach I talk about how much money my clients earn because that to me is a better advertisement for someone considering working with me.  If my clients are earning $5k, $10K or $20K a month it shows my ability to teach them proven marketing strategies and support them so that reach THEIR financial goals. 

My clients aren’t fixated on money but they do desire to earn more money so that they can experience more of what life has to offer. Money is a tool that allows them to express more of themselves. Money also allows them to provide for their families in ways that expand their kids’ visions of what’s possible.  They realized that since we live on Earth that having more money allows them to be an even bigger force for good.

So if you’re not where you want to be in your business, instead of talking about money doesn’t matter, determine what level of income is right for YOU and then get support to develop the best marketing & business plan to get work message how to more people and earn more money—your way.  If you’re ready to improve your business so that you can transform more lives through your work click here: Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Session”

BTW, here are two books that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that can use to start re-training your thinking about money and abundance.

1. The Science of Getting of Getting Rich By Wallace D. Wattles

2.  The Game of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn




by Yvonne Bynoe on February 24, 2015

Businesswoman looking out of window with hand under chin

Yesterday I focused on the importance of you having the right mindset to create effective marketing—-one that will allow you to step outside of your comfort zone to do what’s necessary to attract and enroll new clients.  The second part is the marketing.

Marketing and being visible aren’t the same thing. 

Marketing is a process whereby you educate your potential clients about their problem and then provide a program to help them to solve it.  Being visible is just being seen without a clearly expressed message or solution for a specific group.

This is the reason why women become overwhelmed. They are constantly creating videos, updating Facebook and/or sending out emails and still don’t have clients.  All of these actions are marketing tools that yield little without comprehensive marketing plan that not only coordinates everything but most importantly focuses on the problems, needs and desires of your ideal client.

If you’re doing a LOT of marketing yet you don’t have the number of clients or the level of income that you desire then it’s time to refine your marketing.

1. Have you narrowed down your ideal client to a specific group?

2. Are you clear about the goal they desire and WHY?

3.  Have you explained WHY you’re someone that your ideal clients should listen to?

4.  Is your marketing content cheap-looking?  i.e. DIY website, amateur photos, poorly lit videos or videos shot in your bedroom?, etc. (These things make you appear less credible to people ready to hire a coach)

5. Do you have provide 1 clear CALL TO ACTION in your marketing content?

Perhaps consistency is your problem…..

Do you communicate with your email list at least 2x a month…or do you pop up 1x a month or less?

As a coach I know that developing a “success” mindset is critical to growing a lucrative business but you also need solid, proven marketing to attract high quality clients and generate significantly more income.

This week, look at where the gaps are so that you can take steps to get the support that you need to create YOUR own plan for success!

If you realize that it’s time to bring in an expert to achieve the results that you desire, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Marketing Makeover Discovery Session  with me to clarify  your goals and learn what exactly you need to do to attract more of the high quality clients that you deserve