Today I’m off—no clients and no work. I’m meeting a friend for lunch. I also took off Monday to celebrate my son’s 10th birthday. It’s not that I’m NOT working—-yesterday I was busy working with clients and preparing content for a colleague’s mastermind group (I’m a guest expert). On Thursday, I will be teaching students in my group program and working with clients. Next week is packed; I have a workshop, a 1 Day day Intensive and a 1/2 Day Transformative & Lucrative Business Intensive

However, since I’m the boss, I create my own schedule. It’s important to me that I be able to serve my clients, earn great money and enjoy my life.

A few weeks ago, I made a big decision about how I wanted to do business. I really love working with private clients and I enjoy the flexibility doing 1 on 1 intensives gives me to spend time with my son and to travel. It however takes strategy and planning to make it work.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about what running a successful business really looks like:

1. Business systems
It’s having systems and procedures to handle client questions, general emails, collect potential clients’ email addresses, scheduling and accounting. You can hire a virtual assistant or you automate these functions. Either way, this is a PRIORITY!

2. Designated client time and marketing time.
You have to delegate 3-4 days a week for client work— delivering your service/program to your current clients and having enrollment conversations with potential clients. You also need to carve out a minimum of 3-5 hours a week to marketing your business. This is doing research; writing blog posts or your ezine; recording a podcast; producing a video; creating a teleseminar/webinar; hosting a workshop and/or networking (online and offline).

3. Wealth consciousness training.
I spend a minimum of an hour each day reading or watching videos to shift my ideas about money and what’s possible for my life. If you’re serious about living an abundant life and attracting high-paying clients (who you love), you have to re-program years and years of money beliefs (and decisions) based on lack and limitation—there are simply no shortcuts.

Expanding my ideas of what’s possible for my clients and for myself pushes me to send emails and to have enrollment conversations when I’d prefer to have a root canal. Resistance to failure or rejection is what will keep you “playing small” and making do with less money that you truly desire. Increasing your wealth consciousness helps you to see the importance of leaving your comfort zone. You know that even one step can lead to bigger and better opportunities.

4. Learning how to sell.
You can’t help a person to transform their health/wellness, business/finances, or relationship(s) until she agrees to work with you. So sales is about service not arm-twisting or being pushy. An effective enrollment conversation is not done on the fly. It’s a process that allows your prospective client to express her goals and helps you to identify the obstacles are standing in the way of her achieving the goal(s).

Lastly, a structured enrollment conversation provides a natural pathway for you discuss your program/service and how it can benefit your potential client. When done correctly, your prospective client pre-sells herself on working with you and says YES! to your offer.

That’s the technical (kind of boring) part about what I do…now the fabulous parts

Being able to work from anywhere…I can work from my home office or from any location in the world that has internet service.

Working with smart, talented women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and transform their businesses and lives.

Having the ability to work 3-4 days a week and have spare time to “play” while my business still generates money.

Being able to hang out with my son and friends whenever I desire without worrying that I’m not earning money that day. I’ve built my business to support the lifestyle that I desire.

There’s are some many other things, but those are the highlights.

Is this something that you desire for yourself?

Would you like to create a highly successful, freedom-based business?

I’ve got a WONDERFUL opportunity work with my 1 on 1 in a private ½ Day Transformative & Lucrative Business Intensive this August.

I have 5 4 spots available for women who:

1. Want a detailed ATTAINABLE plan to generate $5,000-$10,000 a month as a coach, health and wellness practitioner, or solo-professional.

2. Want a highly profitable, freedom-based business, working 1 on 1 with a small number of highly-committed clients.

3. Desire to attract their IDEAL clients with ease (no chasing or pushing).

4. Would like to experience a radical change in their businesses BEFORE January 1, 2015 arrives.

If this sounds like you, this may be your time.

If you are a woman who’s ready to stop spinning her wheels and take a no excuses approach to reaching your business and income goals, then I invite you to apply for a complimentary DISCOVERY session .

Only two weeks after my intensive with Yvonne, I’m finalizing my first speaking engagement!


Previous to working with Yvonne I had been slowly trying to start my business for three years. After having my second child I felt stuck and it was very difficult to move out of my current career. I am now in active transition to a full time Marriage & Relationship Ministry. Through working one-on-one with Yvonne in a ½ day Transformative & Lucrative Intensive she helped me to create a part of my Ministry that really speaks to my passion to serve and lights me up.

I know who my ideal client is and where to find her. I also have a clear sense about what she wants in her relationship and her challenges to achieving it. Yvonne also helped me to design and price two offers.  Only two weeks after my intensive, I’m finalizing my first speaking engagement and I’m confirming several others. I would absolutely recommend working with Yvonne Bynoe.

The amount of information and tools she makes available is generous, and if you do the work with her as your Business Coach you will be able to turn what was once impossible to possible.

Rev. Jill Flowers – InterFaith Inter-Spiritual Minister
JillFlowers.com (forthcoming)

The reason why I wanted to share this is because it is my intention to help women from all walks of life to create transformative and lucrative businesses based on their expertise and passions. As a minister, Jill has learned how about service, BUT she hadn’t learned how to do it in a way that also served her family and lit her up spirit!

Jill is a smart and caring woman, just like you who decided that now was the time for her to get her gifts out into the world. She took the step necessary to create the life, business and income that she desired.

In a 1/2 Day Transformative & Lucrative Business Intensive I create a very unique experience so YOU have the tools and key strategies necessary to create the business that allows you to experience the income and the freedom-based lifestyle that you crave. You will also receive a 60 day plan to continue to keep you on track as you expand your vision of yourself and your business.

If you would like to know more about what goes on a 1/2 Day Transformative & Lucrative Business Intensive with me and you would are wondering if this is the right thing for you, I’d like to invite you to have a DISCOVERY session with me


What’s Stopping You From Being Successful?

by Yvonne Bynoe on July 21, 2014

Today is my son’s 10th birthday. I’m making him waffles for breakfast and later for lunch I’m taking him to his favorite Italian restaurant for pizza.  As I thinking about this milestone in my life and my son’s, I wanted to share a little story with you that you may help you to push past an obstacle that’s blocking your success.

My first book was published 10 years ago; the same year my son was born. I was was on cloud 9—a baby and a book. They were both important dreams of mine that were coming true. The only glitz—I was scheduled to go to do the California leg of my book tour during the seventh month of my pregnancy and my ob-gyn wouldn’t clear me to fly. I was healthy and so was the baby but the lawyer in me knew that my doctor’s was afraid that I’d sue her if I had  gone into premature labor. 

I could have let the doctor’s negativity and fears stop my dream of being a successful author– but I chose not to.
I went to another doctor for a second opinion; he cleared me to fly without hesitation. I also asked my then-husband to accompany me on the trip in case there was an emergency. I did my book signings in San Francisco, Santa Monica and Los Angeles and I had a blast!  Most important my son was born big and healthy on July 21, 2004.  The moral of this story is I made the right decision to not be stopped. The book opened the door for me to speak at Ivy League colleges and major organizations. The book also allowed me to be interviewed on CNN, Fox and MSNBC and it paved the way for more writing opportunities and two more book projects. 

I wanted to be a great mother and do work that made a difference in people lives. I think back to what would have happened had I let my doctor’s malpractice concerns derail my book tour—things would have been VERY different for my life and career.

So what’s stopping you?

You have plenty of passion, a great resume and plenty of information but you’re not where you want to be in your business.  Despite knowing what you want to achieve, there’s something that you won’t let go of.  What’s the fear, belief or habit that’s stopping you from reaching your fullest potential.

Are you being stopped by lack of confidence? Not really sure that you can or “should” charge more for your services?

Perhaps you don’t have a clear strategy to attract clients and earn great money as a coach or solo-entrepreneur?

Are you waiting for the magical, mystical day when you’ll have oodles of free time and bundles of “extra” cash to finally make building a successful business your priority.

Do you lack focus?  Not sure which of your many passions to pursue?

Are scared to invest in a getting help–what if it doesn’t work? Are you hoping that one day you’ll eventually figure it out on your own?

Do you think that it’s selfish to devote time to your business when you’re a mother? (Even ambitious women deal with some form of mommy guilt—I know that I did)

As CNN’s resident life coach Mel Robbins says, “Getting what you want is simple….but it’s not easy.”

If you want a successful business that supports your lifestyle you have to be willing to step outside your current box to make it happen.  You have to be willing to do new things—-to be uncomfortable for a little while if you truly desire to have be create a business that transform hundreds or thousands of lives.  A lucrative income comes when you have a steady stream of ideal clients eagerly enrolling into your high-end programs.

Are you ready to move forward?

If so, I want to invite you to work with me one-on-one in a 1/2 day intensive. For 3 hours via SKYPE or telephone I’ll be focused on helping you to create a solid, easy to follow plan to attract and enroll great high-paying clients. 

I’m offering 4 half-day intensives.  (Originally there were 5 but 1 was booked last week). There is also an easy two payment option.

Here is the detailed information: http://www.soulfulaffluence.com/half-day-intensive

I work with high-achieving women who are ready to leave their corporate cubicle to become their own businesses. I also work with ambitious women with existing businesses who are ready to serve in a bigger way and earn more money from their experience, skills and expertise.

If you have some questions and want to talk to me about the ½ intensive (or the full day intensive) email me at Team@SoulfulAffluence.com to schedule a complimentary decision-making session.