Years ago when I was working as an attorney in the music industry, I went to a very chi-chi hair salon on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.  Among the perks was free champagne and gourmet snacks to nibble on.  I could get a late appointment, sometimes after hours.  It was expensive but I wasn’t paying just for beautiful hair or an expert stylist.  I was also paying for convenience, the neighborhood, and the atmosphere within the salon.

This leads me to ask you, “Do you know what are you REALLY selling?”

Very often I find that women coaches and business owners don’t really know how to answer the question. Not knowing is why they struggle to attract their ideal clients and to raise their fees with ease.  They focus a lot of attention on the wrong things—such as building expensive websites and spending money on photo shoots that don’t net them clients. Many of them emphasize low prices and then wonder why everyone coming their way is short on money.

They just don’t dig deep enough to figure out what motivates their potential clients to say YES! to working with them.   If someone had asked me what I wanted in a hair salon I may have said that I wanted great hair— but there was a LOT more to the story.  I also wanted some where luxurious to unwind every two weeks that catered to my hectic schedule.

Among the things that a business owner is selling is:

Luxury (which is tied to exclusivity and/or personal attention)
Efficiency (which can also be tied to saving time or money)
Intimacy/Romance (sex, marriage, partnership, emotional connection)
Health (physical and emotional)

This means that you can be a health coach who’s really selling intimacy if one of the key results that your clients want is to feel more comfortable with their partner.

You could be an attorney who’s selling efficiency with done-for-program legal services specifically for small business owners.

The way to determine what you’re offering is to understand your ideal client BEFORE you start creating programs and attempting to create a brand.

What is the WHY supporting your work?
What results do you help your clients achieve?
How do you want them to feel after working with you?
What is the lifestyle of your ideal client?
What and where are they already spending their money?

I want you to think about it this way …

Mercedes isn’t selling a car, the company is selling an affluent lifestyle.  Starbucks isn’t selling coffee, they’re selling a relaxed lifestyle. Domino’s isn’t selling pizza it’s selling quick delivery service.  Jamba Juice isn’t selling juice, it’s selling good health.

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Love, abundance and success!


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One of the complaints that hear over and over from women coaches, solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners is that their market is “over-saturated.”   They feel that with some many people doing the same thing as them, it’s difficult to attract clients. 

Often they think that they’ll solve this problem by copying what the “gurus” or successes in their industry are doing. The only problem is that everyone one else has the same idea—it become like a herd.  When you follow the herd, potential clients can’t tell you from the next business coach, attorney, social media expert or yoga instructor. This is when you end up cutting your prices to stay competitive.

Although there are marketing principles that you should definitely master, you should also what to learn how to STAND OUT in your field. 

What can you highlight or focus on that sets you apart from the other people doing similar work. When you learn how to stand out, you’ll consistently attract clients who love you and will have no problem paying your fees